See what people are saying about our workshop.

“As a storyteller, it was amazing to get so much insight on the types, for character development.   I loved being here, and (loved) the meditations accompanying the information we were learning.  I love the pacing and the way it was imparted by Johanna & Nicola.  Immensely valuable - thank you.”

~~Emily Queliz

“Amazing learning on deeper insights of unconscious patterns that are present in each archetype.  Extremely helpful to shine light and heal those part in us that create a state of dis-ease.  Well-organized and clearly presented.  Many ‘Aha!’ moments.  PS:  I also appreciated personal examples.” 


“(I liked best) understanding, to a greater level of detail, each of the types and their relationship or focus - how they are similar and yet different.  The working dynamic of Nicola & Johanna was very good.  The meditations were powerful in that they embodied the strengths & impacts in our lives.”

~~Laura Lee

“The learnings of the Enneagram helped me to have a more compassionate view and experience of myself and my loved ones.”

~~Aerin Alexander

Life & Movement Master Coach, Energy Life Sciences Institute, West Los Angeles, CA

“Intellectually stimulating, the Enneagram offers an alternative way to explore personality traits, qualities, flaws and improvement areas.  A lot to learn for everybody and a source of reflection.”

~~ Vasco