Step 1:


The basic fear, the egoic structure, mental fixation, passion, and virtues of each Enneagram Point.

Step 2:


The signature strengths, talents, and gifts unique to each Enneagram Point.

Step 3:

Practice Nine Meditations

Clearing self-criticisms, misunderstandings, and judgments at the core of each Point, so as to be free to live in and fully express your strengths, talents, and gifts.

With the support of Nicola and Johanna and their expertise in working with the Enneagram, you will be able to see how your actions and behaviors have been dictated by your Enneagram personality.  Taking it step further you will begin experiencing yourself beyond your personality from a place of true authenticity. The intention of this workshop is that you leave with a deep understanding of how to use the Enneagram as a magnificent instrument to reveal your true self while pointing the way toward greater self-awareness, freedom, and joy.