Limited to 70 participants.

About the Enneagram Workshop

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  • Do you at times experience yourself as “stuck” or unable to move forward in your career, in a relationship, or in some other area of your life?

  • Do you frequently criticize yourself and/or compare yourself to those around you? 

  • Do you long to cultivate deeper connections with yourself and those you love? 

  • Do you have dreams and goals, yet find yourself unsure as to how to work toward them?

  • Do you desire a deeper understanding of yourself?

Imagine that there is a tool you can use that has existed since ancient times to reveal your unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving with breathtaking precision. A tool that opens the door to true understanding and provides a clear path for you in everything that you do.  A tool that you can consult anytime in the future to support you in moving past blocks both physical and emotional.

The truth is that tool exists and it is called the Enneagram.

In this two-day workshop, facilitators, Nicola Albini and Johanna Jenkins
will introduce you to the powerful Enneagram and teach you how to use it in your own life.


Using the Enneagram as an Instrument for Upliftment

The Enneagram is a refined tool for self-awareness, inviting us to expand our self-observation and understand who we are at an authentic level. In truth, our personalities are just a stage upon which we have the role of playing ourselves. Yet, in no way are our personalities the entirety of who we are - our complexity is far more profound and beautiful than that.  They simply provide a foundation for how we view life and approach each challenge, goal, desire, relationship, and every other aspect of our lives. Understanding your personality is a vital step to achieving what you are reaching for.

The Enneagram points to nine different ways in which we all see the world, receive the world and interpret the world (Enneagram types). Interpreting and transforming these viewing points allow us to  express more of our unique beauty and move through our lives with grace and ease

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Open the door to meaningful and lasting change in any and all areas

  • Assist you in embracing all that you are more fully in a positive way

  • Elevate your consciousness so you naturally approach life in an authentic way

  • Provide skills to support you in manifesting your desires

  • Learn your personality strengths to use for growth

The more you know about yourself and the people around you, the more you will find yourself in  healthy and happy relationships. You will achieve this deeper understanding through our signature process we explore in this Enneagram workshop.


October 25-27, 2019


Friday: 7 - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Santa Monica, California




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Limited to 70 participants

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